Caballos de Pases – 2016 project

Hello everyone!! Wow! I haven’t been here for soooo long!!! I’m stopping by to say that I’ve been living in Brazil and studying art at the federal university. Everything is good, thanks to… Continue reading

Sculpture Project

Hi people! Here I’m! Well, for today’s post I was thinking I would share a project for my Sculpture class! But before I get into the ‘sculpture’ I had to take a previous… Continue reading

Reactivated it!

When I thought about starting this blog in the 2013 the idea was that I would talk about my art, the ones I did throughout my childhood and teenager years as more of… Continue reading

The feeling of it…

I caught in a split of a second. Stood up and got my box full of old drawings of mine. A always kept it with me and never showed it to people before.… Continue reading

Blue hope

Today I decided to write about my favorite painting do far or at least one of my favorites… “Blue hope”. I painted that in 2006 when I was going through a tough time… Continue reading

Be positive and think positive

  How easy it is not to think positively… I was thinking about that this morning… How for the past 3 days or so, I’ve been not think positively… I want to change… Continue reading

Be positive and be aware

Be positive and be aware of the surroundings… It could be a sign from God… 😉

Be positive and move on

Kept it simple today! Be positive and move on… Leave the past behind! 😉

Be positive and be the change

  Due to all that happened yesterday here in Brazil I decided to to something related to it… People, specially young adults are protesting against the government and all that is happening in… Continue reading

Be positive and smile

  Have you done it today? After we came back to Brazil, I am having a great time with my parents, specially my dad! It feels we are more relaxed and enjoying more…… Continue reading